Chapter 1 edit

1 `And so Arphaxat, kyng of Medeis, hadde maad suget many folkis to his empire; and he bildide a ful myyti citee, which he clepide Egbathanys.

2 Of squarid stonys and korfe he made the wallis therof, in the heiythe of thre score cubitis and ten, and in the breede of thritti cubitis. Sotheli he settide the touris therof in the heiythe of an hundrid cubitis.

3 Forsothe bi the square of tho touris euer either side was stretchid forth, bi the space of twenti feet; and he settide the yatis of that citee in the heiythe of the touris.

4 And he hadde glorie, as miyti in the power of his oost, and in the glorie of hise charis.

5 Therfor Nabugodonosor, kyng of Assyriens, that regnede in the grete citee Nynyue, fauyt in the tweluethe yeer of his rewme ayens Arphaxat, and gat him in the greet feeld,

6 `which is clepid Ragau, bisidis Eufrates, and Tigris, and Jadasa, in the feeld of Erioch, kyng of Elichoris.

7 Thanne the rewme of Nabugodonosor was enhaunsid, and his herte was reisid; and he sente to alle men, that dwelliden in Cilicie, and in Damask, and in Liban,

8 and to folkis, that weren in Carmele, and in Cedar, and to men dwellynge in Galile, and in the grete feeld of Esdrolon, and to alle men,

9 that weren in Samarie, and biyende the flood Jordan, `til to Jerusalem; and to al the lond of Jesse, til me come to the hillis of Ethiope.

10 Nabugodonosor, kyng of Assiriens, sente messangeris `to alle these men; `which alle ayenseiden with o wille, and senten ayen hem voide, and castiden awei with out onour.

12 Thanne kyng Nabugodonosor was wrooth to al that lond, and swoor bi his rewme and trone, that he wolde defende him fro alle these cuntreis.

Chapter 2 edit

1 In the thrittenthe yeer of kyng Nabugodonosor, in the two and twentithe dai of the firste monethe, a word was maad in the hows of Nabugodonosor, kyng of Assiriens, that he wolde defende hym.

2 And he clepide to hym alle the eldere men, and alle duykis, hise werriouris; and hadde with hem the priuete of his counsel.

3 And he seide, that his thouyte was in that thing, to make suget ech lond to his empire.

4 And whanne this seiyng hadde plesid alle men, `kyng Nabugodonosor clepide Holofernes, prince of his chyualrie,

5 and seide to hym, Go thou out ayens ech rewme of the west, and ayens hem principali, that dispisiden `my comaundement.

6 Thin iyen schal not spare ony rewme, and thou schalt make suget to me ech strengthid citee.

7 Thanne Holofernes clepide the duykis and magistratis of the vertu of Assiriens, and he noumbride men in to the makyng redi, as the kyng `comaundide to hym, sixe score thousynde of foot men fiyteris, and twelue thousynde horse men and archeris.

8 And he made al his puruyaunce to go bifore in multitude of vnnoumbrable camels, with these thingis that suffisiden plenteuousli to the oostis, and droues of oxis, and flockis of scheep, of which was noon noumbre.

9 He ordeynede whete to be maad redi of al Sirie `in his passage.

10 And he took ful myche gold and siluer of the kyngis hows.

11 And he, and al his oost, yede forth with charis, and horse men, and archeris, whiche hiliden the face of the erthe, as locustis doon.

12 And whanne he hadde passid the endis of Assiriens, he came to the grete hillis Auge, that ben at the lift half of Cilicie; and he stiede in to alle the castels of hem, and he gat ech strong place.

13 Forsothe he brak the richeste, ethir famouse, citee Melothi, and robbide alle the sones of Tharsis, and the sones of Ismael, that weren ayens the face of desert, and at the south of the lond Celeon.

14 And he passide Eufrates, and cam in to Mesopotanye, and he brak alle hiye citees that weren there, fro the stronde Manbre til `me come to the see.

15 And he occupiede the endis therof fro Cilicie `til to the endis of Japhet, that ben at the south.

16 And he brouyte alle the sones of Madian, and he `robbide al the richessis of hem; and he killide `bi the scharpnesse of swerd alle men ayenstondynge hym.

17 And after these thingis he cam doun in to the feeldis of Damask, in the daies of ripe corn, and he brente alle cornes, and he made alle trees and vynes to be kit doun;

18 and his drede `felde on alle men `enhabitynge the lond.

Chapter 3 edit

1 Thanne kyngis and princes of alle citees and prouynces, that is, of Cirie, of Mesopotanye, and of Sirie Sobal, and of Libie, and of Cilicie, sente her messangeris. `Whiche comynge to Holofernes, seiden,

2 Thin indignacioun ceesse aboute vs; for it is betere, that we lyue and serue Nabugodonosor, the grete kyng, and be suget to thee, than that we die, and suffre with oure perischyng the harmes of oure seruage.

3 Ech citee of oure, al possessioun, alle munteyns, and litle hillis, and feeldis, and droues of oxes, and flockis of scheep, and of geet,

4 and of horsis, and of camels, and alle oure richessis and meyneis ben in thi siyt; alle thingis be vndur thi lawe.

5 Also we and oure children ben thi seruauntis.

6 Come thou a pesible lord to vs, and vse thou oure seruyce, as it plesith thee.

7 Thanne he cam doun fro the hillis, with knyytis in greet `vertu, that is, strengthe, and gat ech citee, and ech man `enhabitynge the lond.

8 Forsothe of alle citees he took to hym helperis, stronge men and chosun to batel.

9 And so grete drede lay on alle prouynces, that enhabiteris of alle citees, princes and `onourid men, yeden togidere out with puplis to meete hym comynge,

10 and `resseyueden hym with corouns and laumpis, and ledden daunsis with pipis and tympans.

11 Netheles thei doynge these thingis myyten not swage the fersnesse of his herte;

12 for whi bothe he distriede her citees, and hew doun her wodis.

13 For kyng Nabugodonosor hadde comaundid to hym, that he schulde distrie alle the goddis of erthe, that is, that he aloone schulde be seid god of alle these naciouns, that myyten be maad suget bi the power of Holofernes.

14 Forsothe he passide al Sirie Sobal, and al Appanye, and al Mesopotanye, and cam to Idumeis `in to the lond of Gabaa;

15 and he took the citees of hem, and dwellide there bi thritti daies, in whiche daies he comaundide al the oost of his power to be gaderid togidere.

Chapter 4 edit

1 Thanne the sones of Israel, that dwelliden in the lond of Juda, herden these thingis, and dredden greetli of `his face.

2 Also tremblyng and hidousnesse asailide the wittis of hem, lest he schulde do this thing to Jerusalem and to the temple of the Lord, which thing he hadde do to othere citees and templis of tho.

3 And thei senten in to al Samarie, bi cumpas `til to Jerico, and bifore ocupieden alle the coppis of hillis;

4 and thei cumpassiden her townes with wallis, and gaderiden togidere wheete in to making redi of batel.

5 Also the prest Eliachym wroot to alle men, `that weren ayenus Esdrelon, which is ayenus the face of the grete feeld bisidis Dotaym, and to alle men bi whiche passage myyte be,

6 that thei schulden holde the stiyngis of hillis, bi whiche weie myyte be to Jerusalem, and that thei schulden kepe there, where streyt weie miyte be among hillis.

7 And the sones of Israel diden aftir this, that Eliachym, prest of the Lord, hadde ordeyned to hem.

8 And al the puple criede to the Lord with greet instaunce, and thei and the wymmen of hem mekiden her soulis in fastyngis.

9 And the prestis clothiden hem silf with heyris, and yonge children boweden hem silf ayens the face of the temple of the Lord, and thei hiliden the auter of the Lord with an heire.

10 And thei crieden togidere to the Lord God of Israel, lest the children of hem schulden be youun in to prey, and the wyues of hem in to departyng, and her citees in to distriyng, and her hooli thingis in to defoulyng.

11 Thanne Eliachym, the grete prest of the Lord, cumpasside al Israel,

12 and spak to hem, and seide, Wite ye, that the Lord schal here youre preieris, if ye dwellinge dwellen perfitli in fastyngis and preieris in the siyt of the Lord.

13 Be ye myndful of Moises, the seruaunt of the Lord, which not in fiytynge with irun, but in preiynge with hooli preieris, castide doun Amalech tristinge in his vertu, and in his power, and in his oost, and in hise scheldis, and in hise charis, and in hise knyytis;

14 so alle the enemyes of Israel schulen be cast doun, if ye continuen in this werk, which ye han bigunne.

15 Therfor at this excityng of hym thei preieden hertli the Lord, `and dwelliden in the siyt of the Lord, so that also thei,

16 that offriden brent sacrifices to the Lord, weren gird with heiris, and thei offriden sacrifices to the Lord, and `aische was on her heedis.

17 And alle men of al her herte preieden God, that he wolde visite his puple Israel.

Chapter 5 edit

1 And it was teld to Holofernes, prince of the chiualrie of Assiriens, that the children of Israel maden redi hem silf to ayenstonde, and that thei hadden closid togidere the weies of hillis.

2 And bi ouer greet woodnesse he brente out in to greet wrathfulnesse; and he clepide alle the princes of Moab, and the duykis of Amon,

3 and seide to hem, Seie ye to me, who this puple is, that bisegith the hilli places; ethir whiche, and what maner, and hou grete ben her citees; also what is the vertu of hem, ether what is the multitude of hem, ethir who is the kyng of her chyualrie;

4 and whi bifor alle men, that dwellen in the eest, han these men dispisid me, and thei han not go out to resseyue vs with pees?

5 Than Achior, duyk of alle the sones of Amon, answerde and seide, My lord, if thou vouchist saaf to here, Y schal seie treuthe in thi siyt of this puple that dwellith in the hilli places, and a fals word schal not go out of my mouth.

6 This puple is of the generacioun of Caldeis;

7 this puple dwellide firste in Mesopotanye; for thei nolden sue the goddis of her fadris, that weren in the lond of Caldeis.

8 Therfor thei forsoken the cerymonyes of her fadris, that weren with the multitude of goddis,

9 and worschipiden o God of heuene, which also comaundide to hem to go out fro thennus, and to dwelle in Carram. And whanne hungur hadde hilid al the lond, thei yeden doun in to Egipt, and there thei weren so multiplied bi foure hundrid yeer, that the oost of hem myyte not be noumbrid.

10 And whanne the kyng of Egipt hadde greuyd hem, and hadde maad hem sugetis in the bildyngis of hise citees in cley and tijl stoon, thei crieden to her God, and he smoot al the lond of Egipt with dyuerse veniaunces.

11 And whanne Egipcians hadden castid out `hem fro hem silf, and the veniaunce hadde ceessid fro hem, and efte wolden take hem, and ayen clepe to her seruyce,

12 God of heuene openyde the see to these men fleynge, so that on this side and that side the watris weren maad sad as wallis, and these men with dry foot passiden `in walkynge bi the depthe of the see.

13 In which place the while vnnoumbrable oost of Egipcians pursuede hem, it was so kyueryd with watris, that there dwellide not nameli oon, that schulde telle the dede to aftir comeris.

14 Also thei yeden out of the Reed See, and ocupieden the desertis of the hil Sina, in whiche `neuere man myyte dwelle, nethir the sone of man restyde.

15 There bittir wellis weren maad swete to hem for to drynke; and bi fourti yeer thei gaten lyuelode fro heuene.

16 Where euere thei entriden, her God fauyt for hem, and ouer cam with out bouwe and arowe, and without scheld and swerd.

17 And `noon was that castide doun this puple, no but whanne it yede awey fro the worschipyng of her Lord God.

18 Sotheli as ofte euere as thei worschipiden an other outakun thilke her God, thei weren youun in to preye, and in to swerd, and in to schenschip.

19 But as ofte euere as thei repentiden that thei hadden go awei fro the worschipyng of her God, God of heuene yaf to hem vertue to ayenstonde.

20 Forsothe thei castiden doun the kyng Cananei, and Jebusei, and Pheresei, and Ethei, and Euey, and Ammorrei, and alle the myyti men of Esebon, and thei hadden in possessioun the londis of hem, and the citees of hem;

21 and til that thei hadden synned in the siyt of her God, good thingis weren with hem, for the God of hem hatith wickidnesse.

22 For whi and bifor these yeeris, whanne thei hadden go awei fro the weie which God hadde youe to hem, that thei schulden go ther ynne, thei weren distried of naciouns bi many batels, and ful many of hem weren led prisoneris in to a lond not hern.

23 Forsothe a while agoon thei turneden ayen to `her Lord God, and weren gaderid togidere fro the scateryng, in which thei weren scaterid; and thei stieden in to alle these hilli places, and eft thei han Jerusalem in possessioun, where the hooli of hooli thingis ben.

24 Now therfor, my lord, enquere thou perfitli, if ony wickidnesse of hem is in the siyt of her God, and stie we to hem; for her God bitakynge schal bitake hem to thee, and thei schulen be maad suget vndur the yok of thi myyt.

25 Trewli if noon offense of this puple is bifor her God, we moun not ayenstonde hem; for the God of hem schal defende hem, and we schulen be in to schenschip to al erthe.

26 And it was doon, whanne Achior hadde ceessid to speke these wordis, alle the grete men of Holofernes weren wrothe, and thei thouyten to sle hym,

27 and seiden togidere, Who is this that seith, that the sones of Israel, men with outen armure, and with out vertu, and with out kunnyng of the craft of fiytynge, moun ayenstonde kyng Nabugodonosor and hise oostis?

28 Therfor that Achior knowe, that he disseyueth vs, stie we in to the hilli places; and whanne the myyti men of hem ben takun, thanne he schal be persid with swerd with the same men;

29 `that ech folk knowe, that Nabugodonosor is god of erthe, and outakun hym `noon other is.

Chapter 6 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon, whanne thei hadden ceessid to speke, Holofernes hadde dedeyn gretli,

2 and seide to Achior, For thou propheciedist to vs, and seidist, that the folk of Israel is defendid of her God, that Y schewe to thee, that no god is no but Nabugodonosor;

3 whanne we han slayn `hem alle as o man, thanne also thou schalt perische with hem bi the swerd of Assiriens, and al Israel schal perische dyuerseli with thee in perdicioun; and thou schalt preue,

4 that Nabugodonosor is lord of al erthe; and thanne the swerd of my chyualrie schal passe thorouy thi sidis, and thou schalt be persid, and schalt falle among the woundid men of Israel, and thou schalt no more brethe ayen, til thou be distried with hem.

5 But certis if thou gessist thi profecie sothe, thi cheer falle not doun; and the palenesse that hath gete thi face, go awey fro thee, if thou gessist that these my wordis moun not `be fillid.

6 But that thou knowe, that thou schalt feele this thing togidere with hem, lo! fro this our thou schalt be felouschipid to the puple of hem, that whanne thei han take worthi peynes of my swerd, thou be suget to lijk veniaunce.

7 Thanne Olofernes comaundide hise seruauntis to take Achior, and to lede hym in to Bethulia, and to bitake hym in to the hondis of the sones of Israel.

8 And the seruauntis of Olofernes token him, and yeden forth bi the feeldi places, but whanne thei hadden neiyid to the hilli places, slingeris yeden out ayens hem.

9 Sotheli thei turneden awei fro the side of the hil, and bounden Achior to a tre bi hondis and feet, and so thei leften hym boundun with withthis, and turneden ayen to her lord.

10 Certis the sones of Israel yeden doun fro Bethulia, and camen to hym, whom thei vnbounden, and ledden to Bethulia, and thei settiden hym in to the myddis of the puple, and axiden, what manere of thinges bifel, that Assiriens hadden left hym boundun.

11 In tho daies princes weren there, Ozias, the sone of Mycha, of the lynage of Symeon, and Charmy, which is also Gothonyel.

12 Therfor in the myddis of eldere men, and in the siyt of alle men, Achior seide alle thingis, whiche he was axid of Holofernes, and hadde spoke, and hou the puple of Holofernes wolde sle hym for this word,

13 and hou Holofernes hym silf was wrooth, and comaundide hym to be bitakun for this cause to men of Israel, that the while he ouercam the sones of Israel, thanne he comaundide that also thilk Achior perische bi dyuerse turmentis, for this that he hadde seid, God of heuene is the defendere of hem.

14 And whanne Achior hadde expowned alle thingis, al the puple felde doun on the face, and worschipide the Lord; and with comyn weilyng and wepyng thei schedden out to the Lord her preyeris of o wille,

15 seiynge, Lord God of heuene and of erthe, biholde the pride of hem, and biholde thou to oure mekenesse, and perseyue the face of thi seyntis, and schewe that thou forsakist not men tristynge of thee, and thou makist low men tristynge of hem silf, and `men hauynge glorie of her vertu.

16 Therfor whanne the wepyng was endid, and the preier of the puple bi al the dai was fillid,

17 thei coumfortiden Achior, and seiden, God of oure fadris, whos vertu thou prechidist, he is rewardere, and schal yyue to thee this while, that thou se more the perischyng of hem.

18 Forsothe whanne `oure Lord God hath youe this fredom to hise seruauntis, also the Lord be with thee in the myddis of vs, that as it plesith thee, so thou lyue with `alle thi thingis.

19 Thanne after that the counsel was endid, Ozias resseyuede hym in to his hows, and made a greet soper to hym.

20 And whanne alle the prestis weren clepid togidere, aftir that the fastyng was fillid, thei refreischiden Achior `and hem silf.

21 Forsothe aftirward al the puple was clepid togidere, and thei preieden bi al the niyt with ynne the chirche, and axiden help of God of Israel.

Chapter 7 edit

1 Forsothe in `the tother dai Holofernes comaundide hise oostis to stie ayens Bethulia.

2 Forsothe there weren sixe score thousynde `foot men of fiyteris, and twelue thousynde knyytis, `outakun the makyng redi of tho men, whiche caitifte hadde ocupied, and weren brouyt fro prouynces and citees, of alle yongthe.

3 Alle togidere maden hem redi to batel ayens the sones of Israel; and thei camen bi the side of the hil `til to the cop, that biholdith Dothaym, fro the place which is seid Belma `til to Selmon, which is ayens Esdrolon.

4 Forsothe the sones of Israel, as thei sien the multitude of hem, bowiden doun hem silf on the erthe, and senten aische on her heedis, and preiden with o wille, that God of Israel schulde schewe his merci on his puple.

5 And thei token her armuris of batel, and saten bi the places `that dressen the path of streyt weie bitwixe hilli places, and thei kepten tho places al the dai and nyyt.

6 Certis Holofernes, the while he yede aboute bi cumpas, foonde that the welle, that flowide in to the watir cundit of hem, was dressid at the south part with out the citee, and he comaundide her watir cundit to be kit.

7 Netheles wellis weren not fer fro the wallis, of whiche wellis thei weren seyn to drawe watir bi thefte, rather to refreische than to drynke.

8 But the sones of Amon and of Moab neiyiden to Holofernes, and seiden, The sones of Israel tristen not in spere and arowe, but hillis defenden hem, and litle hillis set in the rooche of stoon maken hem stronge.

9 Therfor that thou maist ouercome hem without asailyng of batel, sette thou keperis of wellis, that thei drawe not of tho; and thou schalt sle hem without swerd, ethir certis thei maad feynt schulen bitake her citee, which thei gessen `to mow not be ouercomun `in the hillis.

10 And these wordis plesiden bifor Holofernes, and bifor alle hise knyytis; and he ordeynede bi cumpas bi ech welle an hundrid men.

11 And whanne `this kepyng was fillid bi twenti daies, cisternes and gaderyngis of watris fayliden to alle men dwellynge in Bethulia, so that there was not with ynne the citee, wherof thei schulden be fillid, nameli o dai, for the watir was youun at mesure to the puplis ech dai.

12 Thanne alle men and wymmen, yonge men and elde, and litle children, weren gaderid togidere to Ozie, and alle thei seiden to gidere with o vois,

13 The Lord deme bitwixe vs and thee, for thou, not wyllynge speke pesibli with Assiriens, hast `do yuels ayenus vs, and for this thing God hath seld vs in the hondis of hem.

14 And therfor `noon is that helpith, whanne we ben cast doun in thirst, and in greet los bifor her iyen.

15 And now gadere ye togidere alle men, that ben in the citee, that alle we puplis bitake vs bi fre wille to Holofernes.

16 It is betere that we prisoneris blesse God and lyue, than that we die, and be schenschip to ech man, sithen we seen that oure wyues and oure yonge children dien bifor oure iyen.

17 We clepen in to witnessyng to dai heuene and erthe, and the God of oure fadris, that punischith vs aftir oure synnes, that nowe ye bitake the citee in to the hondis of the chyualrie of Holofernes, and oure ende be schort in the scharpnesse of swerd, which ende is maad lengere in the drynesse of thirst.

18 And whanne thei hadden seid these thingis, greet wepyng and yellyng was maad of alle men in the grete chirche, and bi many ouris thei crieden `with o vois to the Lord,

19 and seiden, We and oure fadris han synned, we han do vniustli, we diden wickidnesse.

20 Thou, for thou art mercyful, haue mercy on vs, and venge oure wickidnessis in thi scourge; and nyle thou bitake men knoulechynge thee to a puple that knowith not thee,

21 that thei seie not amonge hethene men, Where is the God of hem?

22 And whanne thei weren maad feynt with these cries, and weren maad wery with these wepyngis, and weren stille,

23 Ozie roos up, bisched with teeris, and seide, Britheren, be ye pacient, and bi these fyue daies abide we mercy of the Lord;

24 for in hap he schal kitte a wei his indignacioun, and schal yyue glorie to his name.

25 Sotheli if whanne these fyue daies ben passid, help cometh not, we schulen do these wordis whiche ye han spoke.

Chapter 8 edit

1 And it was doon, whanne Judith, the widowe, had herd these wordis, whiche Judith was the douyter of Merary, the sone of Idor, the sone of Joseph, the sone of Ozie, the sone of Elai, the sone of Jamnor, the sone of Jedeon, the sone of Raphony, the sone of Achitob, the sone of Melchie, the sone of Euam, the sone of Mathanye, the sone of Salatiel, the sone of Symeon, the sone of Ruben.

2 And hir hosebonde was Manasses, that was deed in the daies of barli heruest;

3 for he stood bisili ouer men byndynge togidere reepis in the feeld, and heete cam on his heed, and he was deed in Bethulia his citee, and was biried there with hise fadris.

4 Sotheli Judith left of hym was widewe thanne thre yeer and sixe monethis. And in the hiyere partis of hir hows sche made to hir a priuy closet, in which sche dwellide cloos with hir damesels;

6 and sche hadde an heire on her leendis, and fastide alle the daies of hir lijf, outakun sabatis, and the `bigynnyngis of monethis, and the feestis of the hows of Israel.

7 Sotheli sche was of ful semeli biholdyng, to whom hir hosebonde hadde left many richessis, and plenteuouse meynee, and possessiouns ful of droues of oxis, and of flockis of scheep.

8 And this Judith was moost famouse among alle men; for sche dredde God greetli, nethir ony was that spak of hir an yuel word.

9 Therfor whanne this Judith hadde herd, that Ozie hadde bihiyte, that whanne the fyuethe day was passid, he wolde bitake the citee, sche sente to the prestis Cambri and Carmy.

10 And thei camen to hir; and sche seide to hem, What is this word, in which Ozie consentide to bitake the citee to Assiriens, if with ynne fyue daies help cometh not to vs?

11 And who ben ye that tempten the Lord?

12 This `word is not that stirith merci; but rather that stirith ire, and kyndlith woodnesse.

13 Han ye set tyme of the merciful doynge of the Lord, and in youre wille `ye han set a dai to hym?

14 But for the Lord is pacient, do we penaunce for this synne, and axe we with teeris his foryyuenesse;

15 for God schal not manaasse so as man, nethir as `a sone of man he schal be enflawmed to wrathfulnesse.

16 And therfor meke we oure soulis to hym, and in contrit spirit and maad meke serue we hym;

17 and seie we wepynge to the Lord, that aftir his wille so he do his merci with vs; and as oure herte is troblid in the pride of hem, so haue we glorie `also of oure mekenesse.

18 For we `sueden not the synnes of oure fadris, that forsoken her God, and worschipiden alien goddis;

19 for which greet trespas thei weren youun to her enemyes in to swerd, and in to raueyn, and in to confusioun; but we knowen not an othir God outakun hym.

20 `Abide we meke his coumfort, and he schal seke oure blood of the turmentis of oure enemies; and he schal make meke alle folkis, whiche euer risen ayens vs; and oure Lord God schal make hem without onour.

21 And now, britheren, for ye ben prestis in the puple of God, and the soule of hem hangith of you, reise ye her hertis at youre speche, that thei be myndeful, that oure fadris weren temptid, that thei schulden be preued, whethir thei worschipiden God verili.

22 Thei owen to be myndeful, hou oure fadir Abraham was temptid, and he was preuyd bi many tribulaciouns, and was maad the frend of God.

23 So Isaac, so Jacob, so Moyses, and alle that plesiden `the Lord, passiden feithful bi many tribulaciouns.

24 Sotheli thei that resseyueden not temptaciouns with the drede of the Lord, and brouyten forth her vnpacience, and the schenschip of her grutchyng `ayens the Lord,

25 weren distried of a distriere, and perischiden of serpentis.

26 And therfor venge we not vs for these thingis whiche we suffren;

27 but arette we, that these same turmentis ben lesse than oure synnes, and bileue we, as seruauntis of the Lord that ben chastisid, that the betyngis of the Lord ben comun to amendyng, and not to oure perdicioun.

28 And Ozie and the prestis seiden to hir, Alle thingis, whiche thou hast spoke, ben sothe, and no repreuyng is in thi wordis.

29 Now therfor preie thou for vs, for thou art an hooli womman, and dredynge God.

30 And Judith seide to hem, As ye knowen, that this, that Y myyte speke, is of God,

31 so preue ye, if this that Y purposide to do, is of God; and preie ye, that God make stidfast my counsel.

32 Ye schulen stonde at the yate this niyt, and Y schal go out with my fre handmayde; and preie ye, that, as ye seiden, the Lord biholde his puple Israel in fyue daies.

33 But Y nyle, that ye enquere my doyng, and til that Y telle to you, `noon othir thing be doon, no but preier for me to oure Lord God.

34 And Ozie, the prince of Juda, seide to hir, Go thou in pees, and the Lord be with thee in the veniaunce of oure enemyes. And thei turneden ayen, and yeden awey.

Chapter 9 edit

1 And while thei yeden awei, Judith entride in to hir oratorie, and sche clothide hir silf with an heire, and puttide aische on hir heed; and sche bowide doun hir silf to the Lord, and criede to the Lord, and seide,

2 Lord God of my fadir Symeon, which yauest to hym a swerd in to defence of aliens, that weren defouleris in her defoulyng, and maden nakid the hipe of a virgyn in to confusioun;

3 and thou yauest the wymmen of hem in to prey, the douytris of hem in to caitifte, and al the prey in to departyng to thi seruauntis, that loueden feruentli thi feruent loue; Lord, Y biseche, helpe thou me a widewe.

4 For thou madist the formere thingis, and thouytist tho thingis aftir tho, and this thing is maad, which thou woldist.

5 For alle thi weies ben redi, and thou has set thi domes in thi puruyaunce.

6 Biholde thou the castels of Assiriens now, as thou vouchidist saaf to biholde thanne the castels of Egipcians, whanne thei runnen armed after thi seruauntis, and tristiden in charis, and in multitude of her knyytis, and in multitude of werriours.

7 But thou biheldist on the castels of hem, and derknessis maden hem feynt; the botme of the see helde her feet,

8 and watris hiliden hem.

9 Lord, `also these men be maad so, that tristen in her multitude, and in her charis, and in scharp schaftis with oute irun, and in her arowis; and han glorie in her speris;

10 and witen not, that thou thi silf art oure God, that `al to-brekist batels fro the bigynnyng, and the Lord is name to thee.

11 Reise thin arm as at the bigynnyng, and hurle doun the power of hem `in thi vertu; the power of hem falle doun in thi wrathfulnesse, whiche biheten hem to defoule `thin hooli thingis, and to defoule the tabernacle of thi name, and to cast doun with her swerd the horn of thin auter.

12 Lord, make thou that the pride of hem be kit of with her owne swerd;

13 be he takun with the snare of hise iyen in me; and thou schalt smyte hym with the lippis of my charite.

14 Yyue thou to me stidfastnesse in soule, that Y dispise hym and his vertu, and distrie hym.

15 For it schal be a memorial of thi name, whanne the hondis of a womman han cast hym doun.

16 For whi, Lord, thi vertu is not in multitude, nether thi wille is in the strengthis of horsis; and proude spiritis plesiden not thee at the bigynnyng, but the preier of meke men and mylde `pleside euere thee.

17 God of heuenes, the creatour of watris, and Lord of alle creature, here thou me wretchid womman preiynge and tristynge of thi merci.

18 Lord, haue thou mynde of thi testament, and yyue thou a word in my mouth, and make thou strong the counsel in myn herte, that thin hows dwelle perfitly in thin halewyng;

19 and that alle folkis knowe, that thou art God, and noon other is outakun thee.

Chapter 10 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon, whanne sche hadde ceessid to crie to the Lord, sche roos fro the place, in which sche lay bowid doun to the Lord.

2 And sche clepide hir fre handmaide, and cam doun in to hir hows; and sche took awei fro hir the heire, and vnclothide hir silf fro the clothing of hir widewehod.

3 And sche waischide hir bodi, and anoyntide hir with beste myrre, and sche schedide the heer of hir heed, and settide a mytre on hir heed, and sche clothide hir with the clothis of hyr gladnesse, and clothide hir feet with sandalies; and sche took ournementis of the armes, and lilies, and eeryngis, and ryngis, and ournede hir silf with alle hir ournementis.

4 To whom also the Lord yaf briytnesse, for al this ourenement hangide not of letcherie, but of vertu; and therfor the Lord `made large this fairnesse on hir, that bi `vncomparable fairnesse sche apperide to the iyen of alle men.

5 Therfor sche puttide on hir fre handmaide a botel of wyn, and a vessel of oile, and meet maad of meele, and dried figus, and looues, and cheese, and yeden forth.

6 And whanne thei weren comen to the yate of the citee, thei founden Ozie and the prestis of the citee abidynge hir.

7 And whanne thei hadden seyn hir, thei weren astonyed, and wondriden ful myche on hir fairnesse.

8 Netheles thei axiden hir no thing, and leeten passe, and seiden, The God of oure fadris yyue grace to thee, and make strong with his vertu al the counsel of thin herte, and Jerusalem haue glorie on thee, and thi name be in the noumbre of hooli and iust men.

9 And alle thei, that weren there, seiden with o vois, Be it doon! be it doon!

10 Therfor Judith preiede the Lord, and passide thorouy the yatis, sche and hir fre handmayde.

11 Forsothe it was doon, whanne sche cam doun of the hil aboute the risynge of the dai, the aspieris of Assiriens metten hir, and helden hir, and seiden, Fro whennus comest thou, ether whidur goist thou?

12 And sche answeride, Y am a douyter of Ebreis, and therfor Y fledde fro the face of hem, for Y knew, that it schal come, that thei schulen be youun to you in to prey, for thei dispisiden you, and nolde bitake hem silf wilfuli, that thei schulden fynde grace in youre siyt.

13 For this cause Y thouyte with me, and seide, Y schal go to the face of the prynce Holofernes, for to schewe to hym the priuytees of hem, and Y schal schewe to hym, bi what entryng he mai gete hem, so that not o man of his oost falle doun.

14 And whanne tho men hadden herd the wordis of hir, thei bihelden hir face, and wondryng was in her iyen, for thei wondriden greetli on hir fairnesse.

15 And thei seiden to hir, Thou hast kept thi lijf, for thou hast founde sich a counsel, that thou woldist come doun to oure lord.

16 Sotheli wite thou this, that, whanne thou `hast stonde in his siyt, he schal do wel to thee, and thou schalt be moost acceptable in his herte. And thei ledden hir to the tabernacle of Holofernes, and thei schewiden hir to hym.

17 And whanne sche hadde entrid bifor his face, anoon Holofernes was takun bi hise iyen.

18 And hise knyytis seiden to hym, Who schal dispise the puple of Jewis, whiche han so faire wymmen, that we owen not to fiyte skilfuli ayenus hem for these wymmen?

19 Therfor Judith siy Holofernes sittynge in a curteyn, round bynethe and scharp aboue, that was wouun of purpur, and gold, and smaragde, and moost preciouse stoonys,

20 and whanne sche hadde lokid in to his face, sche worschipide hym, and bowide doun hir silf on the erthe; and the seruauntis of Holofernes reisiden hir, for her lord comaundide.

Chapter 11 edit

1 Thanne Holofernes seide to hir, Be thou coumfortid, and nyle thou drede in thin herte, for Y neuere anoyede man, that wolde serue Nabugodonosor, the kyng.

2 Sotheli if thi puple hadde not dispisid me, Y hadde not reisid `myn hond on it.

3 But `now seie to me, for what cause yedist thou awei fro hem, and it pleside thee to come to vs.

4 And Judith seide, Take thou the wordis of thin handmaide; for, if thou suest the wordis of thin handmaide, the Lord schal make a perfit thing with thee.

5 Forsothe Nabugodonosor, the kyng of erthe, lyueth, and his vertu lyueth, which is in thee to the chastisyng of alle soulis errynge; for not oneli men schulen serue hym `bi thee, but also beestis of the feeld obeien to hym.

6 For the prudence of thi soule is teld to alle folkis; and it is schewid to al the world, that thou aloon art good and myyti in al his rewme; and thi techyng is prechid in alle prouyncis.

7 Nether this thing is hid, which Achior spak, nether that thing is vnknowun, which thou comaundidist to bifalle to hym.

8 For it is knowun, that oure God is so offendid bi synnes, that he sente bi hise profetis to the puple, that he wolde bitake hem for her synnes.

9 And for the sones of Israel witen, that thei han offendid `her Lord God, the tremblyng of hym is on hem.

10 Ferthermore also hungur hath asailid hem, and for drynesse of watir thei ben rikenyd now among deed men.

11 Forsothe thei ordeynen this, that thei sle her beestis, and drynke her blood;

12 and thei thouyten to yyue these hooli thingis `of her Lord in wheete, wyn, and oile, whiche God comaundide to be not touchid, and thei wolen waste the thingis, which thei ouyten not touche with hondis; therfor for thei doen these thingis, it is certeyn that thei schulen be youun in to perdicioun.

13 Which thing Y, thin handmaide, knew, and fledde fro hem, and the Lord sente me to telle these same thingis to thee.

14 For Y, thin handmaide, worschipe God, also now at thee; and thin handmaide schal go out, and Y schal preie God;

15 and he schal seie to me, whanne he schal yelde to hem her synne; and Y schal come, and telle to thee, so that Y brynge thee thorouy the myddis of Jerusalem, and thou schalt haue al the puple of Israel as scheep `to whiche is no scheepherde, and ther schal not berke ayens thee nameli oon;

16 for these thingis ben seid to me bi the puruyaunce of God.

17 And for God is wrooth to hem, Y am sente to telle to thee these same thingis.

18 Sotheli alle these wordis plesiden bifor Holofernes, and bifore hise children; and thei wondriden at the wisdom of hir; and oon seide to another,

19 Ther is not sich a womman on erthe in siyt, in fairenesse, and in wit of wordis.

20 And Holofernes seide to hir, God dide wel, that sente thee bifor the puple, that thou yyue it in myn hondis;

21 and for thi biheest is good, if thi God doith these thingis to me, he schal be also my God, and thow schalt be greet in the hows of Nabugodonosor, and thi name schal be nemyd in al erthe.

Chapter 12 edit

1 Thanne Holofernes comaundide hir to entre, where his tresouris weren kept, and he comaundide hir to dwelle there; and he ordeynede, what schulde be youun to hir of his feeste.

2 To whom Judith answeride, and seide, Now Y may not ete of these thingis, which thou comaundidist to be youun to me, lest offence come on me; but Y schal ete of these thingis, whiche Y brouyte with me.

3 To whom Holofernes seide, If these thingis failen, whiche thou brouytist with thee, what schulen we do to thee?

4 And Judith seide, Lord, thi soule lyueth, for thin handmaide schal not spende alle these thingis, til God schal do in myn hondis these thingis which Y thouyte. And hise seruauntis ledden hir in to the tabernacle, whidur he hadde comaundid.

5 And sche axide, the while sche entride, that fredom schulde be youun to hir to go out to preier, in the nyyt, and bifor the liyt, and to biseche the Lord.

6 And he comaundide to his chaumberleyns, that, as it pleside hir, sche schulde go out, and entre, for to preie hir God bi thre daies.

7 And sche yede out in nyytis in to the valei of Bethulia, and waischide hir silf in the welle of watir.

8 And as sche stiede, sche preiede the Lord God of Israel, that he wolde dresse hir weie to the delyueraunce of his puple.

9 And sche entride, and dwellide clene in the tabernacle, til that sche took hir mete in the euentid.

10 And it was doon in the fourthe dai, Holofernes made a soper to hise seruauntis, and he seide to Vagao, the chaumburleyn, Go thou, and councele that Ebrew womman, that sche consente wilfuli to dwelle with me.

11 For it is foul anentis Assiriens, if a womman scorne a man, in doynge that sche passe `with out part fro hym.

12 Thanne Vagao entride to Judith, and seide, A good damesele be not aschamed to entre to my lord, that sche be onourid bifor his face, and that sche eete with hym, and drynke wiyn with gladnesse.

13 To whom Judith answeryde, Who am Y, that Y ayenseie my lord?

14 Y schal do al thing, that schal be good and best bifor hise iyen. Sotheli what euer thing plesith hym, this schal be best to me in alle the daies of my lijf.

15 And sche roos, and ournede hir silf with hir clothis, and entride, and stood bifor `his face.

16 Forsothe the herte of Holofernes was stirid; for he was brennynge in the coueitise of hir.

17 And Holofernes seide to hir, Drynke thou now, and take mete in gladnesse; for thou hast founde grace bifor me.

18 And Judith seide, Lord, Y schal drynke, for my soule is magnyfied to dai bifor alle the daies of my lijf.

19 And sche took, and eet, and drank bifor hym tho thingis, whiche hir handmayde hadde maad redi to hir.

20 And Holofernes was maad glad `to hir, and he drank ful myche wiyn, hou myche he hadde neuere drank in o dai in his lijf.

Chapter 13 edit

1 Forsothe as euentid was maad, hise seruauntis hastiden to her ynnes; and Vagao closid togidere the doris of the closet, and yede forth.

2 For alle men weren maad feynt of wiyn;

3 and Judith aloone was in the closet.

4 Certis Holofernes lai in the bed, aslepid with ful myche drunkenesse.

5 And Judith seide to hir damesele, that sche schulde stonde with outforth bifor the dore of the closet, and aspie.

6 And Judith stood bifor the bed, preiynge with teeris, and with stiryng of lippis `in silence,

7 seiynge, Lord God of Israel, conferme me, and biholde in this our to the werkis of myn hondis, that, as thou bihiytist, thou reise Jerusalem thi citee; and that Y performe this thing, which thing Y bileuynge thouyte to mow be doon bi thee.

8 And whanne sche hadde seid this, sche neiyede to the piler that was at the heed of his bed, and sche loside his swerd, that hangide boundun `ther ynne.

9 And whanne sche hadde drawe out of the scheeth thilke swerd, sche took the heer of his heed; and seide, Lord God of Israel, conferme me in this our.

10 And sche smoot twies on his necke, and kittide awei his heed; and sche took awei his curteyn fro the pileris, and walewide awei his bodi heedles.

11 And aftir a litil sche yede out, and bitook the heed of Holofernes to hir handmaide, and comaundide, that sche schulde putte it in to hir scrippe.

12 And the twei wymmen yeden out `bi her custom as to preier, and passiden the castels of Assiriens, and thei cumpassiden the valei, and camen to the yate of the citee.

13 And Judith seide afer to the keperis of the wallis, `Opene ye the yatis, for God is with vs, that hath do greet vertu in Israel.

14 And it was doon, whanne the men hadden herd `her vois, thei clepiden the prestis of the citee.

15 And alle men fro the leest `til to the mooste runnen to hir; for thei hopiden not, that sche schulde come now.

16 And thei teendiden liytis, and alle men cumpassiden aboute hir. Sotheli sche stiede in to an hiyere place, and comaundide silence to be maad. And whanne alle men weren stille,

17 Judith seide, Herie ye `oure Lord God, that hath not forsake hem that hopen in hym,

18 and bi me, his handmaide, he hath fillid his merci, which he bihiyte to the hows of Israel, and hath slayn in myn hond the enemye of his puple `in this niyt.

19 And sche `brouyte forth of the scrippe the heed of Holofernes, and schewide it to hem, and seide, Lo! the heed of Holofernes, prince of the chiualrie of Assiriens; and, lo! his curteyn, in which he lay in his drunkenesse, where also oure Lord God killide hym bi the hond of a womman.

20 Forsothe the Lord God lyueth, for his aungel kepte me, bothe goynge fro hennus, and dwellynge there, and turnynge ayen fro thennus hidur; and the Lord `suffride not his handmaide to be defoulid, but with out defoulyng of synne he ayen clepid me to you, and Y haue ioie in his victorie, and in `my scapyng, and in youre delyueraunce.

21 Knouleche ye alle to hym, for he is good, for his mercy is in to `the world.

22 Sotheli alle men worschipiden the Lord, and seiden to hir, The Lord hath blessid thee in his vertu, for bi thee he hath brouyt to nouyt oure enemyes.

23 Certis Ozie, prince of the puple of Israel, seide to hir, Douytir, thou art blessid of the hiy Lord God, bifor alle wymmen on erthe.

24 Blessid be the Lord, that made heuene and erthe, and that dresside thee in to the woundis of the heed of the prince of oure enemyes;

25 for to dai he hath magnefied so thi name, that thi preisyng go not awei fro the mouth of men, that schulen be myndeful of the vertu of the Lord with outen ende; for whiche thou sparidist not thi lijf for the angwischis and tribulaciouns of thi kyn, but helpidist the fallinge bifor the siyt of oure God.

26 And al the puple seide, `Be it! be it!

27 Forsothe Achior was clepid, and cam; and Judith seide to hym, Thilke God of Israel, to whom thou yauest witnessyng, that he auengith hym of hise enemyes, hath kit of the heed of alle vnbileueful men in this niyt bi myn hond.

28 And that thou preue that it is so, lo! the heed of Holofernes, which in the dispit of his pride dispiside God of Israel, and manaasside deth to thee, and seide, Whanne the puple of Israel is takun, Y schal comaunde thi sidis to be persid with a swerd.

29 Sotheli Achior siy the heed of Holofernes, and was angwischid for drede, and felde doun on his face on the erthe, and his soule suffride eneyntisyng.

30 Sotheli aftir that he hadde take ayen spirit, and was coumfortid, he felde doun at `hir feet, and worschipide hir,

31 and seide, Blessid art thou of thi God in al the tabernacle of Jacob; for in ech folk, that schal here thi name, God of Israel schal be magnyfied in thee.

Chapter 14 edit

1 Forsothe Judith seide to al the puple, Britheren, here ye; hang ye this heed on youre wallis.

2 And it schal be, whanne the sunne `goith out, ech man take hise armuris, and go ye out with feersnesse, not that ye go doun binethe, but as makyng asauyt.

3 Thanne it schal be nede, that the spieris of the lond fle to reise her prynce to batel.

4 And whanne the duykis of hem rennen togidere to the tabernacle of Holofernes, and fynden hym heedles, waltrid in his blood, dreed schal falle doun on hem.

5 And whanne ye knowen that thei fleen, go ye sikirli aftir hem, for God schal al to-breke hem vndur youre feet.

6 Thanne Achior siy the vertu that God of Israel hadde do, and he forsook the custom of hethenesse, and bileuede to God; and he circumcidede the fleisch of his yerde, and he was put to the puple of Israel, and al the aftircomyng of his kyn `til in to this dai.

7 Forsothe anoon as the dai roos, thei hangiden the heed of Holofernes on the wallis; and ech man took his armuris, and thei yeden out with grete noise and yellyng.

8 Which thing the aspieris sien, and runnen to the tabernacle of Holofernes.

9 Certis thei, that weren in the tabernacle, camen, and maden noise bifore the entryng of the bed, and ymagyneden by craft vnrestfulnesse for cause of reisyng, that Holofernes schulde awake not of the reiseris, but of sowneris.

10 For no man was hardi to opene the tabernacle of the vertu of Assiriens bi knockyng ethir bi entryng.

11 But whanne hise duykis, and tribunes, and alle the grettere men of the oost of the kyng of Assiriens weren comen, thei seiden to the chaumburleyns, Entre ye, and reise ye hym;

12 for myis ben goon out of her caues, and doren excite vs to batel.

13 Thanne Vagao entride in to his closet, and stood bifor the curtyn, and made betyng togidere with hise hondis; for he supposide hym to slepe with Judith.

14 But whanne he perseyuede not `with wit of eeris ony stiryng of Holofernes liggynge, he cam neiyynge to the curtyn, and he `reiside it, and siy the deed bodi with out the heed `of Holofernes `maad slow in his blood ligge on the erthe, and he criede bi grete vois with weping, and to-rente hise clothis.

15 And he entride in to the tabernacle of Judith, and foond not hir, and he skippide out to the puple,

16 and seide, Oon Ebrew womman hath maad confusioun in the hows of kyng Nabugodonosor; for lo! Holofernes liggith in the erthe, and his heed is not in hym.

17 And whanne the prynces of the vertu of Assiriens hadden herd this thing, alle thei to-renten her clothis, and vnsuffrable drede and tremblyng felde doun on hem, and her soulis weren troblid greetli.

18 And `vncomparable cry was maad `bi the myddil of her tentis.

Chapter 15 edit

1 And whanne al the oost hadde herd Holofernes biheedid, mynde and councel fledde fro hem, and thei `schakun bi tremblyng and drede aloone token the help of fliyt,

2 so that no man spak with his neiybore; but `whanne the heed was bowid doun, and alle thingis `weren forsakun, thei weren bisy to ascape Ebreis, which thei hadden herd to come armed on hem; and thei fledden bi the weies of feeldis, and bi the pathis of litle hillis.

3 Therfor the sones of Israel siyen Assiriens fleynge, and sueden hem, and camen doun, and sowneden with trumpis, and yelliden aftir hem.

4 And for Assiriens not gaderid togidere yeden heedlyng in to fliyt, forsothe the sones of Israel pursuynge with o cumpeny maden feble alle, whiche thei myyten fynde.

5 And Ozie sente messangeris bi alle the citees and cuntreis of Israel.

6 Therfor ech cuntrei and ech citee sente chosun yonge men armed after hem; and thei pursueden `thilke Assiriens with the scharpnesse of swerd, til thei camen to the laste part of her coostis.

7 Forsothe the residue men, that weren in Bethulia, entriden in to the tentis of Assiriens, and token awey with hem the prey, which Assiriens fleynge hadden left, and thei weren chargid gretli.

8 But thei that weren ouercomerys, turneden ayen to Bethulia, and thei token awei with hem alle thingis which euer weren of tho Assiriens, so that no noumbre was in scheep, and beestis, and in alle mouable thingis of hem, that fro the leeste `til to the mooste alle men weren maad riche of her preies.

9 Forsothe Joachym, the hiyeste bischop, cam fro Jerusalem in to Bethulia with alle the prestis, to se Judith.

10 And whanne sche hadde goon out to hym, alle blessiden hir with o vois, and seiden, Thou art the glorie of Jerusalem, and thou art the gladnesse of Israel, thou art the onour of oure puple,

11 which hast do manli, and thin herte was coumfortid, for thou louedist chastite, and aftir thin hosebonde thou knowist not another; therfor and the hond of the Lord coumfortide thee, and therfor thou schalt be blessid with outen ende.

12 And al the puple seide, `Be it! be it!

13 Forsothe bi thritti daies vnnethis the spuylis of Assiriens weren gaderid of the puple of Israel.

14 Certis thei yauen to Judith alle thingis, that weren preued to be propir, `ether synguler, of Holofernes, in gold, and siluer, and in clothis, and in gemmes, and in alle purtenaunce of houshold; and alle thingis weren youun to hir of the puple.

15 And alle puplis `maden ioye, with wymmen, and vergynes, and yonge men, in organs and harpis.

Chapter 16 edit

1 Thanne Judith song `this song to the Lord, and seide, Bigynne ye in tympans;

2 synge ye to the Lord in cymbalis; synge ye swetli a newe salm to hym; fulli make ye ioye, and inwardli clepe ye his name.

3 The Lord al to-brekith batels, the Lord is name to hym;

4 that hath set hise castels in the myddis of his puple, for to deliuere vs fro the hond of alle oure enemyes.

5 Assur cam fro the hillis, fro the north, in the multitude of his strengthe; whose multitude stoppide strondis, and the horsis of hem hiliden valeis.

6 And he seide, that he schulde brenne my coostis, and sle my yonge men bi swerd, to yiue my yonge children in to prei, virgyns in to caitifte.

7 But the Lord Almyyti anoiede hym, and bitook hym in to the hondis of a womman, and schente hym.

8 For the myyti of hem felde not doun of yonge men, nether the sones of giauntis killiden hym, nether hiye giauntis puttiden hem silf to hym; but Judith, the douytir of Merari, ouercam hym bi the fairnesse of hir face.

9 For sche vnclothide hir fro the cloth of widewehod, and clothide hir with the cloth of gladnesse, in the ful ioiyng of the sones of Israel.

10 Sche anoyntide hir face with oynement, and boond togidere the tressis of hir heeris with a coronal, to disseyue hym.

11 `Hir sandalies rauyschiden hise iyen, hir fairnesse made his soule caitif; with a swerd sche kittide of his necke.

12 Men of Persis hadden hidousnesse of hir stidfastnesse, and Medeis of hyr hardynesse.

13 Thanne the castels of Assiriens yelliden, whanne my meke men, wexinge drie for thirst, apperiden.

14 The sones of damesels prickiden hem, and killiden hem as children fleynge; thei perischiden in batel fro the face of my God.

15 `Synge we an ympne to the Lord, synge we a newe ympne to oure God.

16 Lord, Lord God, thou art grete, and ful cleer in thi vertu, and whom no man may ouercome.

17 Ech creature of thin serue thee, for thou seidist, and thingis weren maad; thou sentist thi spirit, and thingis weren maad of nouyt; and noon is that ayenstondith thi comaundement.

18 Hillis schulen be moued fro foundementis with watris; stonys schulen flete a brood as wex bifor thi face.

19 Sotheli thei that dreden thee, schulen be grete anentis thee bi alle thingis.

20 Woo to the folk rysynge on my kyn; for the Lord Almyyti schal take veniaunce in hem, in the dai of doom he schal visite hem.

21 For he schal yyue fier and wormes in the fleischis of hem, that thei be brent, and lyue, and feele til in to with outen ende.

22 And it was doon aftir these thingis, al the puple aftir the victorie cam to Jerusalem to worschipe the Lord; and anoon as thei weren clensid, alle men offriden brent sacrifices, and a vowis, and her biheestis.

23 Certis Judith yaf in to the cursyng of foryetyng alle the armuris of batel of Holofernes, whiche the puple yaf to hir, and the curteyn, which sche hadde take awei.

24 Forsothe al the puple was myrie aftir the face of hooli men; and bi thre monethis the ioye of this victorie was halewid with Judith.

25 Sotheli aftir tho daies ech man yede ayen in to his owne; and Judith was maad greet in Bethulia, and sche was more cleer thanne alle wymmen of the lond of Israel.

26 For chastite was ioyned to hir vertu, so that sche knewe not man alle the daies of hir lijf, sithen Manasses, hir hosebonde, was deed.

27 Sotheli in `feeste daies sche cam forth with greet glorie.

28 Forsothe sche dwellide in the hows of hir hosebonde an hundrid yeer and fyue; and sche lefte hir handmaide fre. And sche was deed, and biried with hir hosebonde in Bethulia;

29 and al the puple biweilide hir seuene daies.

30 Forsothe in al the space of her lijf noon `was disturblide Israel, and many yeeris aftir hir deeth.

31 Sotheli the day of the victorie of this feeste is takun of Ebreis in the noumbre of hooli daies, and it is worschipid of the Jewis fro that tyme til in to present day.