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Chinese Life in the Tibetan Foothills.djvu

Title Chinese Life in the Tibetan Foothills
Author James Hutson
Year 1921
Publisher Far Eastern Geographical Establishment, Shanghai
Source djvu
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Table of Contents (not listed in original)

Book I: Domestic
Chapter I: Births.
Chapter II: Passing Through Crises.
Chapter III: Marriages.
Chapter IV: Deaths.
Chapter V: The Domestic Altar.
Book II: Social
Chapter I: Theatricals.
Chapter II: Pastimes, Riddles, etc.
Riddles and Ditties
Chapter III: Footbinding. The Queue.
Chapter IV: Preparations for the Future Life.
Purchase of Property
Book III: Political
Chapter I: Secret Societies
The Confucian Society
The Mystical or Hypnotic Sect
The Reactionary School, or Han Liu
The Ssŭch‘uan Ku-lu-tzŭ
The Ko-lao-hui and the Han Liu
The Railway League
Chapter I: Punishments
I. Punishments not involving death
II. Illegal punishments
III. Death penalty
IV. Torture
Punishment of prisoners upon prisoners
Duties of a District Magistrate
Followers of the Yamen
Yamen Runners
Judicial Cases
Presenting petitions or indictments
Signs of Authority, Followers, etc.
Book IV: The Supernatural
Chapter I: Spirit Rapping
The "Planchette"
Divination or Sorcery, Wu Shu
Book V: Idolatry
Chapter I: Gods of Wealth
Door Gods
The Goddess of Mercy
Precinct or Local God
Idolatrous Festivals
Fire and Pestilence Fast
Fasts for rain and fine weather
Book VI: Times and Seasons
The Seasons of the Year
New Year
Midsummer Feast
Seventh Moon Feast
Midautumn Festival
The Ninth Moon Feast
Tenth Moon Feast
Book VII: Plausible Pretensions
The Liars' Mart
Itinerant Vendor
Itinerant Buddhist and Taoist Priests
The Nine Startlers
Book VIII: Superstitious Dread
Things to be Avoided
Superstitions connected with the first day of the year
Continual fears of all classes
Eclipses and Comets
Snakes and Dragons