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Proofread works added in 2014
These works are from scanned texts and have been proofread at least once, if not fully validated.


A History of the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania (1869)

The Life and Works of Christopher Dock (1908)

Travelling Companions (1919)

Sketches of the History of the Church of Scotland (1882)

Kidnapped in London (1897)

Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect (1879)

Myth, Ritual, and Religion (1887)

A Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage (1698)

Notes on the Present and Future of the Archaeological Collections of the University of Oxford (1881)

Watch and Ward (1878)

The poems of Edmund Clarence Stedman (1908)

Wikipedia’s Founder Lectures in Buenos Aires (2009)

by United States Department of State

Remarks on Some Late Decisions Respecting the Colonial Church (1866)

The Jubilee, or what I heard and saw in London (1852)

Hawarden Castle (1870)

Letter to Young Girls (Ruskin) (1876)

Some New Philosophical Views (1881)

Reform of Parliamentary Procedure (1882)

by National Union of Conservative & Constitutional Associations

Canterbury Papers (1850)

by Association for Founding the Settlement of Canterbury in New Zealand

Historical and biographical sketches (1883)

Who are Insulting the Working Classes? (1879)

Explanatory notes of a pack of Cavalier playing cards, temp. Charles II. (1886)

The Diatomaceae of Philadelphia and Vicinity (1916)

Why the Shoe Pinches (1861)

Navvies and Their Needs (1871)

Weather Facts and Predictions - 3rd edition (1877)

Grimshaw, Bagshaw, and Bradshaw (1851)

New Zealand Moths and Butterflies (1898)



The Golden Threshold (1905)

Character of Renaissance Architecture (1905)

Illuminated Manuscripts in Classical and Mediaeval Times (1892)

A Foremost American Lyrist (1913)

Confidence (1880)

A Camp in the Adirondacks (1905)

by Book News Monthly

The poetical works of Matthew Arnold (1897)

England under free trade (1881)

Patriotism and Christianity (1896)

Heralds of God (1946)

Undenominationalism (1902)

Plunder (1973)

The supersession of the colonels of the Royal Army (1873)

Palæography: Notes upon the History of Writing and the Medieval Art of Illumination (1894)

The Fate of Fenella (1892)

by 24 different authors

Embroidery and Fancy Work (1889)

The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)

History, Theory, and Practice of Illuminating (1861)

Prose Masterpieces from Modern Essayists (1891)

by Various authors

Letters from an old railway official (second series) (1912)

Three Introductory Lectures on the Study of Ecclesiastical History (1857)

An International Episode (1889)

Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (1773)

Twelve Years a Slave (1853)

Indian Mathematics (1915)

The autobiography of a Pennsylvanian (1918)

The Novels and Tales of Henry James 2 (The American) (1907)

Lyrical Ballads Vol. I (1800)

Lyrical Ballads Vol. II (1800)

Popular Astronomy: A Series of Lectures Delivered at Ipswich (1881)








The Sad Years (1918)

EFF Honors Craigslist, Gigi Sohn, and Jimmy Wales with Pioneer Awards (2006)

by Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Collected Poems of Dora Sigerson Shorter (1907)

The Reverberator (1888)

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace (1996)

On the Determination of the Wave-length of Electric Radiation by Diffraction Grating (1896)

The Development of Navies During the Last Half-Century (1892)

Memorial from the ladies of Steubenville, Ohio, protesting Indian removal (1830)

by the ladies of Steubenville, Ohio

The Education and Employment of Women (1868)

Jimmy Wales Speaks at Closing Ceremony of Wikimania 2014 (2014)

Maud, and other poems (1855)

A History of Japanese Literature (1899)

A brief summary, in plain language, of the most important laws concerning women, together with a few observations thereon (1854)

Electoral Disabilities of Women (1872)

An Historical Essay on the Livery Companies of London (1881)

Fancy dresses described (1887)

The Princess Casamassima (1886)

Bill Nye Opening Statement in 2009 Testimony to United States Congress (2009)

Birthright (1921)

The "Bab" Ballads (1868)

Durgesa Nandini (1865)

A Set of Rogues (1895)

2007 Testimony by Jimmy Wales to United States Senate (2007)

The Cruise of the Dry Dock (1917)

The Future of Single Women (1884)



Flower of youth, poems in war time (1915)

Athletics and Manly Sport (1890)

America's National Game (1911)

The Man-Eating Tree (1882)

Lollingdon Downs and other poems (1917)

The poems of Richard Watson Gilder (1908)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1903)

Illustrations of Exotic Entomology (1837)

by Dru Drury, edited by John Westwood

Krishna Kanta's Will (1878)

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (1898)

Lubbers Don't Live! (1941 - 1945)

by NARA - Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. Bureau of Special Services.

He Did His Duty (c. 1918)

by NARA - U.S. Food Administration. Educational Division. Advertising Section.

"V" depends on me! (c. 1943)

by NARA - Office for Emergency Management. War Production Board.