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Proofread works added in 2015
These works are from scanned texts and have been proofread at least once, if not fully validated.




Lest We Forget: The Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods in Civil War Service (1931)

The Actress (1915)

Statement Regarding Subpoena Compliance and Server Determination by Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2015)

A London Life, The Patagonia, The Liar, Mrs. Temperly (1889)

Letter from H. P. Lovecraft to J. C. Henneberger (1924)

The Science of Fairy Tales (1891)

Ante-Nicene Christian Library Volume 3 (1867)

The Study of Philosophy: An Outline (1919)

The University Medical School of Canton (1911)

Glorious News, Boston, Friday 11 o'Clock, 16th May 1766 (1766)

by Unknown

Evolution and Theological Belief (1911)

An oration delivered April 2d, 1771 (regarding the Boston Massacre) (1771)

Devil-Worship in France, or the Question of Lucifer (1896)

Among the Daughters (1955)

The Rover Boys on the Farm (1908)

Translations of Adeste Fideles

Weekly Republican Address - Next Steps In The Benghazi Investigation (2015)

New Poems (1913)

The Red and the Black (1916)

Medicine as a Profession for Women (1860)

Biographical Memoir, of John C. Otto, M. D. (1845)

Adelaide of Brunswick (1954)

President Obama Delivers Remarks on the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Marches (2015)

The Father Confessor, Stories of Death and Danger (1900)

The Evolution of Worlds (1910)

Olmsted report on Portland, Oregon parks (1903)

Securing Personal E-mail Accounts (2011)

The Rejuvenation of Medical Ethics (1921)

The Japanese Fairy Book (1908)

On Electric Touch and the Molecular Changes produced in Matter by Electric Waves (1900)

National Archives request to State Department to explain Hillary Clinton emails (2015)

by National Archives and Records Administration








William Blake (1910)

by G. K. Chesterton

Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter-Writing (1890)

The Remarkable Rocket (1888)

The Wheel of Time, Collaboration, Owen Wingrave (1893)

The Reciprocity Craze (1881)

Grimm's Household Tales (1912)

Lives of Fair and Gallant Ladies (1920)

A Preliminary Dissertation on the Mechanisms of the Heavens (1831)

Remarks by the President at the 2015 White House Astronomy Night (2015)

Ballads (1890)

The Bee-man of Orn, and other fanciful tales (1887)

Australian Legendary Tales (1896)

The Private Life, Lord Beaupré, The Visits (1893)

What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)? (2012)

by Electronic Frontier Foundation

Baboo Hurry Bungsho Jabberjee, B.A. (1897)

Poems, by Robert Louis Stevenson, hitherto unpublished (1921)

On the Magnetizing Power of the More Refrangible Solar Rays (1826)

More Australian legendary tales (1898)

Chronicle of the law officers of Ireland (1839)

A musical tour through the land of the past (1922)

Songs of Travel and Other Verses (1896)

The Floating Prince and Other Fairy Tales (1910)

Songs of a Savoyard (1890)

Dr. Adriaan (1918)

New poems and variant readings (1918)

Statement by the President on the Shootings at Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, Oregon (2015)

War; or, What happens when one loves one's enemy (1913)

The Euahlayi Tribe (1905)



The Daemon of the World (1876)

A course of six lectures on the various forces of matter and their relations to each other (1860)

A Voyage in Space (1913)

Life in Motion (1892)

Radicalism, what is it? (c. 1870)

by anonymous

A charge delivered at the ordinary visitation of the archdeaconry of Chichester in July, 1843 (1843)

Such is Life: Being certain extracts from the diary of Tom Collins (1903)

NIOSH Hazard Review: Carbonless Copy Paper (2000)

by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Chemical History of a Candle (1908)

The Curtis Club in the Yellowstone Park (1909)

The Little Book of the Most Holy Child Jesus (1876)

Wrecked in Port (1869)

Order from General Thomas Handy to General Carl Spaatz authorizing the dropping of the first atomic bomb (1945)

Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things (1811)

The Australian Emigrant (1854)

The O'Ruddy (1903)

The Lost Apocrypha of the Old Testament (1920)

Thoughts On Parliamentary Reform (1859)

Aucassin and Nicolette (13th century, translation 1903)

by unknown author, translated by Francis William Bourdillon

Cricket (1898)

Cricket (1888)