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Title Folk-Lore, Volume 29
Author various
Editor William Crooke
Year 1918
Publisher Sidgwick & Jackson, Ltd. for The Folk-Lore Society
Location London
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I.—(March, 1918.)
Minutes of Meetings: November 21st, 1917; January 23rd, February 20th, and March 20th, 1918 1
Fortieth Annual Report of the Council 5
Report of Progress of the “Brand Committee” for the Year 1917 12
Presidential Address.—The Transvaluation of Culture. R. R Marett 15
The Influence of Burial Customs on the Belief in a Future State Mrs. Holland 34
Parthenogenesis.—In Serbian Popular Tradition. T. R Georgevtch 58
Classified Catalogue of Brand Material. C. S. Burne 66
Honours conferred on Ex-Presidents of the Society 96
II.—(June, 1918.)
Minutes of Meetings: April 17th and May 15th, 1918 97
Magic and Religion: A Criticism of Dr. Jevens. N. W. Thomas 99
The House in India from the Point of View of Sociology and Folklore. W. Crooke 113
Classified Catalogue of Brand Material. C. S. Burne 146
III.—(September, 1918.)
Minute of Meeting: June 19th, 1918 177
Some Mythical Tales of the Lapps. Charles J. Billson 178
A Mediaeval Legend of the Terrestrial Paradise. M. Esposito 193
The Provenience of Certain Negro Folk-Tales. Elsie Clews Parsons 206
’Prentice Pillars: The Architect and his Pupil. W. Crooke 219
The Black Pig of Kiltrustan. Eleanor Hull 226
IV.—(December, 1918.)
The Rosary in Magic and Religion. Winifred S. Blackman 255
Folklore and History in Ireland. D. H. Moutray Read 281
Medio-pollito (the Half-Chicken) 75
Breton Folklore. Jonathan Ceredig Davies 79
The Town of Barbarie. Joseph J. MacSweeney 82
The Cherry-Tree Carol. Joseph J. MacSweeney 83
Arval or Avril Bread. T. W. Thompson 84
Scotch Cures for Epilepsy. W. Mackenzie 86
“Couvade” in Ontario. H. J. Rose 87
Matrilineal Kinship among North American Indians 87
Folk Customs of the Russian Peasantry. D. E. W. 155
The Praying Palm of Faridpur 158
An Anglesey Superstition: Modes of Protection from Evil Spirits. R. Gwynedon Davies 158
Sanctuaries and Fairies in West Ireland 159
War Mascots 160
The Killing of the Khazar Kings 238
A Study of the Folklore on the Coast of Connacht, Ireland Thomas Johnson Westropp 305
Traces of Couvade (?) in England. Winifred S. Blackman 319
King Orfeo.” Joseph J. MacSweeney 321
The Bird Cult of Easter Island. Arnold Burley 88
Melanesian Influence in Easter Island. A. C Haddon 161
The Killing of the Khazar Kings. Sir J. G. Frazer 162
Easter Church Ceremonies. E. S. Goodrich 163
Women fertilized by Stones. Sir J. G. Frazer 254
Nature Myths from Samoa 254
Mr. Clement Arthur Miles 89
Paul Sébillot. E. Sidney Hartland 252
P. Saintyves. Porphyre. L’Antre des Nymphs. E. Sidney Hartland 90
Gerald Friedlander. Jewish Fairy Tales 91
J. W. Wickwar. Dreams: What they are, and what they mean 93
Dwight Edwards Marvin. Curiosities in Proverbs 94
M. Gilleit. Folklore, Legend, and Superstitious Customs in connection with Andover and its Neighbourhood 94
Sven Magnus Gronberger. St. Bridget of Sweden 95
Judah Steinberg. The Breakfast of the Birds, and other Stories 95
F. W. Bussell. Religious Thought and Heresy in the Middle Ages. J. Kennedy 164
M. E. Dobbs. Side-Lights on the Tain Age and other Studies. J. Baudiš 169
W.J. Perry. The Megalithic Culture of Indonesia. E. Sidney Hartland 171
William I. Thomas and Florian Znaniecki. The Polish Peasant in Europe and America. M. A. Czaplicka 248
T. R. St. Johnston. The Lau Islands (Fiji), and their Fairy Tales and Folklore. W. Crooke 324
Index 327