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Volume 89 — July-December, 1916

Yachting in the Air 22
Aeroplane Dreadnoughts 75
Torpedoing a Submarine from an Aeroplane 323
The Wastage of Flying Machines in the Great War 377
War Progress in Flying 523
Testing the Air-Fighter's Nerve 580
Testing the Lifting Capacity of Balloon Fabric 586
Introducing Our First Anti-Aircraft Gun 657
The One-Man Aeroplane Which a German Boy Is Building 695
The Sentinels of the Sky Above the War Zone Trenches 839
Making the Aeroplane Generate Its Own Power for Wireless 842
Faster Than the Fastest Express Train 865
An Instrument for Plucking Flowers 19
A Workshop on Every Farm 55
A Flower Bed on Top of a Rock 56
A Unique Garden-Hose Holder 56
Conelike Flower-Holder in a Brick Wall 63
Filling Trenches by Machine 94
The Milk-Can Trolley 100
Chickens Feed Themselves on the Run 110
Measuring Rainfall on the Farm 160
Uncle Sam Says Miraculous Wheats Are An Old Delusion 166
Threshing by Night Under Electric Light 166
Why the Gasoline Engine Keeps the Farmer Boy at Home 175
Hitching the Mower to the Farm Automobile 182
Accelerating the Fruit-Picker with a Picking Harness 185
A New Garden Duster Which Uses Dry Spray 195
Plants on National Forest Ranges Which Kill Cattle 252
A Giant Cypress Tree Village in Paris 267
A Painless Way of Killing Chickens 294
A Simple Home-Made Milking Stool 299
Chick Mash Box 301
Improving the Hog's Table Manners 306
Uses for Wire-Glass on the Farm 308
Raising Parasites to Fight Pests 368
The Floating Vegetable Gardens of Mexico 384
A Garden Tractor which Does Everything but Mind the Baby 410
Rolling, Harrowing and Seeding with One Machine. 417
A Weed Destroyer from a Spoon and Broom-Handle 468
A Portable Colony Poultry House 476
A Cozy Southern Farmhouse 479
An Easily Made Self-Locking Device for Barn-Doors 614
A Combined Farm Implement Shed and Machine-Shop 640
The Largest Duck Farm in the World 662-663
The Handiest Bam Ever Built 675
A Humane Method of Destroying Horses 684
Cleaning and Sorting Beans by Machinery 686
Teaching English Girls the Art of Milking 738
Branding Animals with a Clamp-Button Monogram 747
An Alarm-Clock Dinner Bell for Old Dobbin 779
An Automatic Grain-Valve to Prevent Waste 780
Tropical "Snow Drifts" of Cheesecloth 819
An Adjustable Steering Device for the Tractor 832
Sheep May Not Like This But It Saves Time 855
Separating the Rooster from His Crow 868
Warning Herdsmen of Storms 893
Are You Paying for Your Farm or Is It Paying for Itself 893
Indoor Tomato Plants Fifteen Feet High 895
Valuable Products from Cherry Pits 895
An Anchored Hen House 912
Plans of a Small Modern Dairy Barn 960
Curious Set of Features Are New Markings on Mars 225
Lost Comets 504
Is Jupiter Launching a Moon? 678
Studying the Stars with Mirrors 908
Automobile Scale-Demonstrator 6
A Duck-Boat as an Automobile Top 14
Portable Electric Tire-Inflator 26
Keeping Things Cold in a Real Automobile Refrigerator 27
A Record Motor-Truck Load of Barrels 27
How One Ford Got Up in the World 28
How Automobiles Innocently Break Windows 31
How an Automobile Engine Tests Water-Mains 48
What Make of Car Is It? 72
The Possibilities of the Ford Chassis 84-85
Semaphore Signals for Automobiles 114
Using Gates to Lessen Danger from Truck-Trailers 116
Lapping a Scored Automobile Engine Cylinder 124
A Handy Hook for the Automobilist 125
Trend of Motor-Truck Design Toward Worm Drive 159
An Air-Propelled Automobile for Three Dollars 173
The Reinforced Concrete Principle Applied to Automobile Tires 182
Automobiles. Motor Trucks and Accessories 186-189
Moving Guns with an Electric Battery Crane-Truck 231
Automatic Flagmen to Warn Motor-Car Drivers 242
A Gasoline-Electric Automobile 253
Lubricating Your Automobile 262
Starting Your Automobile with Ether 307
This Automobile Seat Serves as a Waiting Room 332
Economizing Gasoline for Automobiles 355
A Shim for Adjusting Plain Bearings 355
Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories 356-357
Fifteen Motor-Trucks in One 358
When the Horse Tops It Over the Automobile 360
Railroad Treads for Motor-Trucks 391
Motor-Trucks to the Rescue in a Freight Embargo 412
An Electric Motor-Chair 412
A Six-Wheel Automobile 430
Wiring the Ford for Magneto and Battery 442
Pumping Gasoline to the Motor 508
The Motorcycle Machine-Gun 529
Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories 540-543
"Troubleshooting" at Night 544
A Motor-Truck That Equals Two 545
The Wiles of the Automobile Thief 560
A New Gasoline-Motor-Driven Road Roller 561
Motoring on Roller-Skates 569
A Six-Mile Trip Through a Sewer on a Motor-Cycle 574
The Sidewalk Coaster Becomes an Automobile 592
Making Automobile Wheels Track Correctly 593
Quickly Adjustable Automobile Fan-Belt Fasteners 604
Loading Small Luggage on the Outside of the Car 605
How Piston-Ring Defects Have Been Overcome 605
Lightening Automobiles with Aluminum 606
Operating the Oil-Pump of an Automobile by Valve Action 615
A Watch-Carrier for the Motorcycle Handlebar 615
Easily Attached Shock-Absorber 618
How to Avoid Excessive Oiling in Cylinders 620
Spark-plugs Tested Without Removal 621
A Washstand Light for Garages 645
Charging Weak Magnetos of Weak Automobiles 672
A New Brake Which Makes Trucks Safe 685
Rubber-Ball Fender to Protect Unwary Pedestrians 685
Recording the Vibrations of a Motor-Truck Spring 688
When You Leave the Automobile, Lock the Robes! 699
Automobiles, Motor-Trucks and Accessories 700-703
The Automobile Street Car 724
Breaking a Mountain Trail 740
A Motor-Wheel for the Railroad Velocipede 742
Automatic Word Signals for Automobiles 746