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? Edit

Anonymous Edit

  • "Song" (The girl sat under the beetling cliff)

A Edit

Richard Aldington Edit

  • "Song" (Lady, let me woo you with song)

B Edit

Anna Laetitia Barbauld Edit

  • "Song I" (Come here fond youth, whoe'er thou be)
  • "Song II" (If ever thou didst joy to bind)
  • "Song III" (Leave me, simple shepherd, leave me)
  • "Song IV" (When gentle Celia first I knew)
  • "Song V" (As near a weeping spring reclin'd)
  • "Song VI" (When first upon your tender cheek)

Pakenham Beatty Edit

  • "Song" (If words were not so weak)

Anne Brontë Edit

  • "Song" (Come to the banquet—triumph in your songs!)
  • "Song" (We know where deepest lies the snow)

Emily Brontë Edit

  • "Song" (Geraldine, the moon is shining)
  • "Song" (King Julius left the south country)
  • "Song" (Lord of Elbe, on Elbe hill)
  • "Song" (O between distress and pleasure)
  • "Song" (The linnet in the rocky dells)
  • "Song" (This shall be thy lullaby)
  • "Song" (What rider up Gobeloin's glen)

Rupert Brooke Edit

  • "Song" (All suddenly the wind comes soft)
  • "Song" ('Oh! Love,' they said, 'is King of Kings)
  • "Song" (The way of love was thus)

William Browne Edit

  • "Song" (For her gait, if she be walking)

Robert Browning Edit

  • "Song" (Nay but you, who do not love her)

William Cullen Bryant Edit

  • "Song" (Soon as the glaz'd and gleaming snow)

Robert Burns Edit

  • "Song" (Ae fond kiss, and then we sever)
  • "Song" (It was upon a Lammas night)
  • "Song" (O whistle, and I'll come to ye, my lad)

George Gordon Byron Edit

  • "Song" (Breeze of the night in gentler sighs)

C Edit

Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke Edit

  • "Song" (With thee my thoughts are calm and sweet)

Florence Earle Coates Edit

  • "Song" (For me the jasmine buds unfold)
  • "Song" (Friendship from its moorings strays)
  • "Song" (Her cheek is like a tinted rose)
  • "Song" (If love were but a little thing)
  • "Song" (If love were not, the wilding rose)
  • "Song" (Love never is too late) see "Love never is Too Late"
  • "Song" (My love is fairer than the tasseled corn)
  • "Song" (The new-born leaves unfolding fast)
  • "Song" (Sweet is the birth of love, and the awaking)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Edit

  • "Song" (Tho' veiled in spires of myrtle-wreath)

Barry Cornwall Edit

  • "Song" (Here's a health to thee, Mary)

D Edit

John Donne Edit

  • "Song" (Go and catch a falling star)

Paul Laurence Dunbar Edit

  • "Song" (My heart to thy heart)
  • "Song" (My soul, lost in the music's mist)
  • "Song" (Wintah, summah, snow er shine)

F Edit

James Thomas Fields Edit

  • "Song" (All the splendid furniture of his late residence had been sold except his)

Anne Finch Edit

  • "Song" ('Tis strange, this heart within my breast)
  • "Song" (Would we attain the happiest state)

Evelyn Forest Edit

  • "Song" (What can it mean?—that glance so tender)

G Edit

Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier Edit

  • "Song" (In April earth is white and rose)

Irma Geisslová Edit

  • "Song" (Lark, in the glow of eve)

Richard Watson Gilder Edit

  • "Song" (A little longer still in summer suns)
  • "Song" (I awoke in the morning not knowing)
  • "Song" (I love her gentle forehead)
  • "Song" (If, lest thy heart betray thee)
  • "Song" (Love, Love, my love)
  • "Song" (Maria Mia)
  • "Song" (My love grew)
  • "Song" (Not from the whole wide world)
  • "Song" (O purer far than ever I!)
  • "Song" (O whither has she fled from out the dawning and the day?)
  • "Song" (The birds were singing)
  • "Song" (Years have flown)

H Edit

Felicia Dorothea Hemans Edit

  • "Song" (Why should we with fancied cares), as Felicia Dorothea Browne (1808)
  • "Song" (Say, does calm Contentment dwell), as Felicia Dorothea Browne (1808)
  • "Song" (Oh! bear me to the groves of palm), as Felicia Dorothea Browne (1812)
  • "Song" (Success to the heroes of gallant Castile), as Felicia Dorothea Browne (1812)

Robert Herrick Edit

Adolf Heyduk Edit

  • "Poem V.–Song" (On our cottage roof lies snow)
  • "Song X" (Calm have grown now our hearts)
  • "Song XX" (You ask how I would like to die?)

Robert Hillyer Edit

  • "Song" (O crimson rose, O crimson rose)

K Edit

Eliška Krásnohorská Edit

  • "Song" (O clouds, ye boisterous flock of birds)

L Edit

Letitia Elizabeth Landon Edit

Richard Le Gallienne Edit

  • "Song" (She's somewhere in the sunlight strong)

Francis Ledwidge Edit

  • "Song" (Nothing but sweet music wakes)
  • "Song" (The winds are scented with woods after rain)

M Edit

Ewart Alan Mackintosh Edit

  • "Song" (Oh, come to me, come to me, bringing)

Alice Meynell Edit

Christopher Morley Edit

  • "Song" ("O cherry-tree, let slip your petals bright")

Gouverneur Morris Edit

  • "Song" ("Your kiss, beloved, was to me")

William Motherwell Edit

  • "Song" ("He courted me in parlour, and he courted me in ha'")
  • "Song" ("How I envy the ring that encircles thy finger!")
  • "Song" ("If to thy heart I were as near")
  • "Song" ("I look on thee once more")
  • "Song" ("O licht, licht was maid Ellen's fit")

N Edit

Edith Nesbit Edit

  • "Song" (Now the Spring is waking)

O Edit

Edward J. O'Brien Edit

  • "Song" (She goes all so softly)

P Edit

Katherine Philips Edit

  • "Song" ("'Tis true our life is but a long disease,")

Edgar Allan Poe Edit

  • "Song" (I saw thee on thy bridal day)

R Edit

Christina Rossetti Edit

  • "Song" (Oh roses for the flush of youth)
  • "Song" (She sat and sang alway)
  • "Song" (Two doves upon the selfsame branch)
  • "Song" (When I am dead, my dearest)

S Edit

Percy Bysshe Shelley Edit

  • "Song" (Rarely, rarely, comest thou)

Clark Ashton Smith Edit

  • "Song" (I bring my weariness to thee)

Antonín Sova Edit

  • "Song" (My hands embraced the violin)

Robert Louis Stevenson Edit

  • "Song" (Light foot and tight foot)

John Suckling Edit

  • "Song" (Why so pale and wan, fond lover?)

František Xaver Svoboda Edit

  • "Song" (Thy feelings must reach o'er all thy soul)

T Edit

Sara Teasdale Edit

Otakar Theer Edit

  • "Song" (Sorrow, like a mighty bird)

Alfred Tennyson Edit

  • "Song" (Who can say)
  • "Song" (A spirit haunts the year's last hours)
  • "Song" (The winds as at their hour of birth)

Henry Timrod Edit

  • "Song" (When I bade thee adieu, thou rememb'rest the time)

Karel Toman Edit

  • "Song" (By every stream, by every way)

W Edit

W. Wilkins Edit

  • "Song" (When fields were green and skies were clear)

George Wither Edit

  • "Song" (Lordly gallants! tell me this)
  • "Song" (Shall I, wasting in despair)

William Wordsworth Edit

  • "Song" (She dwelt among th' untrodden ways)

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