Index:Pekinese Rhymes (G. Vitale, 1896).djvu

Pekinese Rhymes (G. Vitale, 1896).djvu

Title Pekinese Rhymes
Author Guido Vitale
Year 1896
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed
Chapters (not listed in original)
  1. 拉大鋸 Draw the saw
  2. 上軲轆台 Goes up the sitting-stone
  3. 楊樹葉兒 The poplar leaves
  4. 挑水的哥 Water carrying fellow
  5. 沙土地兒 On the sandy plain
  6. 小禿兒 Small bald-headed
  7. 痲子痲 The boy much marked with the small pox
  8. 誰跟我頑兒 Who is going to play with me?
  9. 我一個大兒子 This one great son of mine!
  10. 我兒子睡覺了 My flower is sleeping
  11. 黃狗黃狗你看家 Yellow dog, yellow dog, look after the house
  12. 寒鴉兒寒鴉兒過 The white breasted crows, the white breasted crows are passing
  13. 小白菜兒 Like the small cabbage
  14. 張大嫂 Mistress Chang
  15. 日頭出來一點紅 The sun has come out like a red spot
  16. 剔燈棍兒 With the oil-lamp wire
  17. 石榴花兒的姐 The bride, is the pomegranate flower
  18. 槐樹槐 Ash trees, ash trees
  19. 小二哥 The small second brother
  20. 金軲轆棒 Gilt wood mace
  21. 扯扯 Draw, draw
  22. 大禿子得病 The first baldhead gets sick
  23. 樹葉兒靑 The tree leaves are dark
  24. 立了秋來了秋 The autumn has set in, the autumn has set in
  25. 小五兒 The small five
  26. 小小子 The small boy
  27. 高高山上有一家 On a very high mountain there lives a family
  28. 香香蒿子 Here is Artemisia annua
  29. 泥泥泥泥餑餑 Here are mud pies
  30. 水牛兒水牛兒 Snail, snail
  31. 妞兒要吃麪 Young lady, if you want to eat vermicelli
  32. 出了門兒 As soon I have gone out
  33. 褡連兒撘 The purse, the purse
  34. 羅鍋子橋 On the hunchback bridge
  35. 東嶽廟 In the temple of mount T'ai-shan
  36. 大娘子喝酒 The first lady drinks wine
  37. 禿子禿 You baldhead
  38. 褡連兒撘 The purse, the purse
  39. 三兒三兒 San'r, San'r, what sort of dress have you put on?
  40. 哶哶羊 The bleating small sheep
  41. 大翻車 A big cart has overturned
  42. 高高山上一座小廟 On a very high mountain there is a small temple
  43. 新打一把茶壺 A newly made metal tea-kettle is very bright
  44. 一進門兒喜冲冲 Entering the gate, how merry it is!
  45. 和尚和尚搖鈴鐺 Oh the bonze, the bonze is shaking the bell
  46. 小回囘兒 The small Mohammedan
  47. 一呀二呀 One, two
  48. 打花巴掌 Strike the hands, in the first month of the year
  49. 大羅兒篩 Beating the sieve sift!
  50. 一副筐 With a pair of baskets
  51. 翻餅烙餅 Turn the pie, cook the pie
  52. 高高山上一落磚 On a very high mountain there is pile of bricks
  53. 厚底兒鞋 With high-heeled shoes
  54. 杜棃兒樹 The small pear-tree
  55. 紅葫蘆 The red pumpkin
  56. 樹葉兒黑 The tree leaves are dark
  57. 荆條棍兒 The stems of the Vitex incisa
  58. 鐵蠶豆 Broad beans as hard as iron
  59. 娶媳婦兒的 The bridal procession
  60. 喜雀尾巴長 The magpie has a long tail
  61. 小禿兒 You small bald-heads
  62. 花紅柳綠線兒 I want red thread as red as red flowers and green thread as green as green willows
  63. 糊糊 Roast, roast
  64. 禿禿鍤 Bald bald cymbals
  65. 煤糢兒 (In) the coal-mould
  66. 丫頭丫 The small girl
  67. 玲瓏塔 How elegant is the pagoda!
  68. 雉鷄翎 With ringed pheasant feathers
  69. 藍靛廠
  70. 風來咯 The wind has come
  71. 高高山上一顆蒿 On a very high mountain there is a stem of Artemisia
  72. 香爐兒 An incense-stove and an earthenware lamp
  73. 小妞兒 The little girl
  74. 爺爺抱孫子 The grandfather embraces his grandson
  75. 小腳儿娘 The little lady with the small feet
  76. 高高山上一座樓 On a very high mountain there is a high tower
  77. 駱駝駱駝噻噻 Camel, camel, kneel down
  78. 你媽七 Your mother "seven"
  79. 桃樹葉兒尖 The peach tree leaves are pointed
  80. 小小子兒 The small boy
  81. 高高山上一顆蔴 On a very high mountain there is a stem of hemp
  82. 好熱天兒 What a hot day
  83. 羊巴巴蛋兒 Goat's dung
  84. 高高山上有個小廟 On a very high mountain
  85. 有個妞兒不害羞 There is a small girl who does not feel ashamed
  86. 有個小禿兒本姓高 There was a small bald-headed man, whose name was Kao
  87. 立立立立站兒 I top here
  88. 羅鍋兒橋 The hunchback bridge
  89. 黑老婆兒 The old brown woman
  90. 小小子兒 The very little boy
  91. 黃城根兒 Near the wall of the imperial town
  92. 簷蝙蝠 The bat
  93. 老太太呌貓 The old lady calls the cat
  94. 小秦椒兒 The small chillies
  95. 蒿子燈 The artemisia lantern
  96. 小三兒他媽 Sar's mother
  97. 小耗子兒 The small mouse
  98. 兩枝蠟 Two candles
  99. 八仙槕兒 A table for eight persons
  100. 喜兒喜兒吃豆腐 The magpie, the magpie eats beancurd
  101. 喜兒喜兒買豆腐 The magpie, the magpie buys beancurd
  102. 顧不得一時睡着 Without perceiving it in a moment I fell asleep
  103. 小大姐 You the first small young lady
  104. 新姑娘十幾咯 The bride is ten years and more
  105. 有邊兒有邊兒 She is first rate, first rate, really first rate!
  106. 出了門兒好喪氣 As soon as I came out of my gate, what an unauspicious sight!
  107. 咚咚咚 The drums are striking
  108. 一進門兒黑咕窿咚 Upon entering all was pitch dark
  109. 高高山上一座樓 On a very high mountain there is a high tower
  110. 小元兒 Small Yüar2
  111. 月亮爺 The father moon
  112. 哏兒哏兒 The cock crowing
  113. 茉莉花兒的丈夫 The jasmine-husband
  114. 平則門拉大弓 Near the Ping-tso-men they draw longbows
  115. 紫不紫 Purple or not purple
  116. 說開船就開船 We say "set sails" and the ship starts
  117. 拉拉穀的車三哥哥 The locust cart and the third brother
  118. 小三兒小三兒 Small San'r, small San'r
  119. 隔着牆兒扔切糕 From outside the walls he throws slices of pudding
  120. 廟裏的和尚拉大鎖 The priest of the temple drags a heavy chain
  121. 膠泥瓣兒 The sticky clay blocks
  122. 祭竈祭竈新年來到 Sacrifice to the god of the stoves, sacrifice to the god of the stoves, the new-year has arrived
  123. 滴滴滴 The chicken screaming
  124. 月亮爺 The father-moon
  125. 松枝兒樹 On the fir tree
  126. 黃豆粒兒 The yellow haricot
  127. 松柏枝兒 The branches of fit and cypress
  128. 一個毽兒 A shuttle-cok
  129. 門兒敲的梆梆 People knock at the door
  130. 小陶氣兒 The impertinent youngster
  131. 大羅兒篩 Strike the sieve and sift
  132. 小大姐 The young lady
  133. 我的兒我的姣 My son
  134. 豆芽菜 The bean sprouts
  135. 秦始皇 The Emperor Shih-huang
  136. 蹊蹊蹺 Very extraordinary
  137. 白塔寺 At the temple of Pai-t'a-ssu, there is a white pagoda
  138. 痲子鬼 The "small pox devil"
  139. 喜花掐來戴滿頭 Here are the flowers of joy, pick them up and cover your head with them
  140. 錐幫子兒 (The boy) bores the heelband of the shoe
  141. 月亮爺 The Lord moon
  142. 高高山上一窩猪 On a very high mountain there is a lair of pigs
  143. 廟門對廟門兒 A door of the temple is opposite to a door of the temple
  144. 鳥鳥鳥 Hallo!
  145. 這個人生來性兒急 This man is very hasty by nature
  146. 窮太太兒 The poor woman
  147. 是誰拍我的門兒 Who knocks at the door?
  148. 大哥哥二哥哥 First elder brother
  149. 正月裏正月正 In the first month, in the first month
  150. 小小子開鋪兒 The small boy has opened a shop
  151. 小姑娘作一夢 The small girl
  152. 養活猪吃口肉 If we keep a pig
  153. 喜兒喜兒 Joy, joy
  154. 鼓靠着鼓來 Drums succeed drums
  155. 紅得哩 Here is the red!
  156. 大娘二娘猜 The first wife and second wife play at guessing riddles
  157. 小胖小子兒 This fat boy of mine really amuses people!
  158. 高高山上一個牛 On a very high mountain there is an ox
  159. 買一包
  160. 初一初二初三四兒 On the first, on the second, on the third and on the fourth
  161. 你要奢你要奢 What do you want, what do you want?
  162. 鞭炮一响把張開 Here is the first discharge of crackers and the shop begins to receive customers
  163. 天皇皇 Heaven is imperial!
  164. 竈王爺 O God of the hearth
  165. 頭遍灰 The first time the ashes
  166. 年年有個三月三 Every year there is the festival of the 3d day of the third moon
  167. 南京大柳樹 The willow trees in Nanking
  168. 轂洞洞 In the awning-cart
  169. 壽星老兒福祿星 The spirit of longevity, and the stars of happiness and appointment
  170. 小胖哥 This fat boy