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Chapter I.— By the Rivers of Waters. 1
,, II.— Under the Drachenfels. 41
,, III.— The Lion Tamer. 89
,, IV.— Interpretations. 137
Appendix I.— Chronological List of Principal Events referred to in the 'Bible of Amiens' 219
,, II.— References Explanatory of Photographs to Chapter IV 221
,, III.— General Plan of 'Our Fathers have told us' 231
INDEX   233


St. Mary (Frontispiece) see page 203
Plate I.— The Dynasties of France 13
,, II.— The Bible of Amiens, Northern Porch before Restoration 41
,, III.— Amiens, Jour des Trepasses, 1880 89
Plan of the West Porches 216