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Proofread works added in 2018
These works are from scanned texts and have been proofread at least once, if not fully validated.



Constitutions of 1975 and of 1989 (2009)

Correcting the Record – The Russia Investigations (2018)

by HPSCI Minority

Letters (1888)

Silent Sam and Other Stories of Our Day (1914)

The Troll Garden (1905)

Grand Jury Indicts Thirteen Russian Individuals Press Release (2018)

Internet Research Agency Indictment (2018)

The Canadian Soldiers' Song Book (1918)

by various authors

Exiles (1921)

You Know Me Al: A Busher's Letters (1914)

Susan Rice January 20, 2017 E-mail to Self (2018)

J. Archibald McKackney (Collector of Whiskers) (1907)

Donald Trump denies declassification of Democratic Memorandum (2018)

Hawaiki The Original Home of the Maori (1904)

The Princess Pourquoi (1907)

The Geographical Distribution of Animals (1876)

InFraud Press Release (2018)

The Nether World (1889)

Notes on the State of Virginia (1802)

The Girl and the Game and Other College Stories (1908)

Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 4 (1903)

The Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann (1899)

HPSCI Meeting Transcript (January 29, 2018) (2018)

Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 (1833)


Nágánanda, or the joy of the snake-world, a Buddhist drama in five acts (1872)

by Harsha, translated by Palmer Boyd

The Pirate of Jasper Peak (1918)

Gujarát and the Gujarátis (1882)

Special Systems of Education for Women (1868)

Pollyooly (1912)

On Secondary Instruction, as relating to Girls (1865)

Holy Week (1891)

by the Cathedral Library Association

On Trained Nursing for the Sick Poor (1876)

Civil and Religious Liberty (c. 1875)

The Siamese Cat (1907)

Some Account of a Proposed New College for Women (1869)

Anacreontics (1872)

Medicine as a Profession for Women (1862)

Mary Lamb (1883)

Status of the Russia Investigation by the Democratic Minority (2018)

by HPSCI Minority

The Legalisation of Female Slavery in England (1876)

On the Political Status of Women (1874)

The Odyssey (1900)

by Homer, translated by Samuel Butler

Livingstone in Africa (1874)

The A B C's of the Twenty-One Demands (1921)

Pagan Papers (1894)

Sam Nunberg Subpoena (2018)

Tales of Space and Time (1899)

An Act to amend the National Anthem Act (gender) (2018)

The Roman Index of Forbidden Books (1920)

The Wings of the Dove (1902)

Cyclopedia of Painting (1906)