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An Extension Reel for Electric Lamps 843
An Electrically Heated Foot-Board for the Policeman 683
Determining the Intensity of Illumination by a New Measuring System 913
Making an Electrically Heated Soldering Iron 947
An Electric Burglar Alarm Attached toa Door-Lock 947
A Dead End Switch of the Multiple-Point Type 948
A Salt Water Polarity Indicator Made from a Burned Out Fuse 952
An Electrically-Operated Recording Weather Vane 952
Operating Furnace Checks and Drafts by Electricity 954
An Improved Vegetable Slicer 107
Housekeeping Made Easy 111
Why Young Girls Don't Leave Home 232
Keeping Food Without Ice 293
Make Your Own Lazy-Betty 299
Improving a Towel-Roller 301
String Holder and Cutter 306
Handy Folding Kitchen Tables 309
Housekeeping Made Easy 372
Cleaning Gloves Economically with Benzine 409
Converting Sun-Parlor into Bedroom 427
A Towel Holder 458
A Convenient Shoe-Rack 459
An Easily Constructed Holder for the Broom 468
A Screen Door-check 477
How Do You Sit? 551
Bathing in Your Trunk 557
Housekeeping Made Easy 558
Using the Steam Radiator to Remove Wall-Paper 564
The Electric Scrub-Woman — Brainless but Efficient 566
Trundling Your Washing-Machine on Wheels 566
Why Isn't This Used Instead of Hooks and Eyes? 575
Repairing Worn Wheels of a Carpet-Sweeper 601
A Scheme for Keeping Pictures Hanging Straight 608
A Clothes-Rack foi Use Indoors and Outdoors 603
Protecting the Gas Range with a Wind-Shield 618
Turning tfie Stationary Tub into an Electric Washing Machine 647
Electric Ranges Are Becoming Popular 681
Housekeeping Made Easy 690
Water-Heating Garbage Burner 698
Doing the Family Washing in Your Rocking Chair 738
The "Permanent Wave" of a Woman's Hair and Its Secret 743
Reducing the Furnace Man to a Mere Push-Button 731
A Comfortable Electric Foot-Warmer Pad 752
A Foot-Warmer Attachment for a Radiator 761
How to Straighten the Crooked Straws of a Broom 775
A Heater for Use Over the Flame of a Gas Jet or Kerosene Lamp 855
Housekeeping Made Easy 858
Removing Old Starch from Clothes by a Malt Extract Bath 913
War Pictures 32
When the Fighting Man Dreams 53
Locating Guns by Delicate Earthquake-Detectors 178
Submarine Destroyers 180
War Pictures 208
Experimenting with Liquid Fire 208
Firing with Heavy Artillery at an Enemy You Can't See 226
War Pictures 336
The Wastage of Flying Machines in the Great War 377
"Shooting" a Photograph with a Pistol-Camera 408
A Modern War Relic 425
Fitting Penholders to Crippled Hands 435
War Pictures 487
How London Cares for Soldiers' Babies 502
How the Firing of Heavy Guns Affects Animals 576
Detecting Enemy Submarines from a Ship's Look-Out 579
Adjustable Kettle-Cover 113
Hammer for Onc-Armed Man 113
Handling the Cord of Electric Irons 113
At Last! A Lock for Slipping Rubbers 113
A New Way of Directing the Breeze of a Fan 113
A Suit-Shaker Which Will Not Clog 113
An Adjustable Golf-Tee Board 114
Combined Penholder and Blotter 114
Saw Cuts Square Hole 114
Semaphore Signals for Automobiles 114
Skinning the Slippery Eel 114
Why Fall Down in Your Bath-Tub? 114
At Last! A Machine Which Irons Skirts Without a Murmur 184
Keeping Cool with a Fan Driven by a Hot-Air Engine 246
A Fancy Shoe-Lace Cover 270
A Heater for the Parlor Lamp 270
Pipe Loaded from Stem 270
Automatic Roller Bearing 270
A Spoon That Can't Slip 270
Spout Attachment for Bottles 270
Aluminum Billiard Cue 271
Automobiling with a Bicycle 271
Beating the Dentist to It 271
A Cure for Butter Fingers 271
Facilitating Speed in Writing 271
A Swatter for High-Fliers 271
Shoes of Esparto Straw which Outwear Leather 375
Escaping the Barber's Fingers 432
Collapsible Tooth-Brush Case 432
Keeping the Baby's Bottle Just Right 432
A Pipe with a Cleaning Wick 432
A Detachable Massage Brush 432
A Mechanical Oyster-Opener 432
Holding Asparagus in the Can 433
Adding Dignity to Condensed Milk Cans 433
Putting Ejchaust Gases to Work 433
Reducing Eye-Strain 433
Handle and Cover for Milk Bottles 433
Revolving Portable Elevator 165
Coaling a Liner with An Elevator 206
A Giant Grinder Which Goes to Its Work 240
How Heat Is Measured with the Eye 330
New Kind of Lawn Sprinkler 332
Loading Guns by Pneumatic Tube 334
The Paving Blocks of Paris 352
Sorting and Packing Apples by Machinery 363
A Low Water Alarm for Boilers 370
Locomotive Runs Three Hours on Charge from Boiler Plant 370
A Typewriter Made Especially for the One-Armed 371
A Locomotive that Burns Pulverized Coal 376
Keeping Watch on the Chimney 378
The "Spinning Whejpl" Gun 397
One of the Pranks of the San Francisco Earthquake 416
Why Not Make Rain Work? A Chance for a Rain Motor 419
Smoothing Sidewalks by Machine 426
The Preeminence of American Inventive Ingenuity 427
Belt Shifter Protects Workmen 434
A Curious Clock Built on a New Principle 511
Putting Wheels Under Workmen 514
Harnessing the Sun 513
A Machine-Shop in a Diving-Bell 577
Preventing Ships from Rolling with Fly Wheels 591
Cleaning Crown Bottle-Corks in a Portable Hopper 592
A High-Speed Bit That Bores Without Choking 647
Let a Puff of Air Do It 664
Air Is Stronger Than Arms 665
Dummies That Dance and Play 666
Dual Power. Portable Hoisting Machine of Compact Design 674
A Modern "Newspaper Maker" 676
A Simple Instrument Which Measures the Height of a Tree 696
To Protect the Fingers of the Woodworker 705
Combined Velocipede and Hobby-Horse 715
Felling Trees Automatically with a Mechanical Swordfish 715
A Water Curtain Used on a Heating Furnace 726
The Inventor of the Steam Engine Was Interested in Gim-Cracks 739
Saving Gold and Silver on the Vacuum-Cleaner Principles 750
This Ice-Cutting Machine Takes the Place of Eight Horse-Teams 810
Preventing Boiler Troubles by Mechanical Cleaning 811
An Adjustable Steering Device for the Tractor 832
A Mechanical Printer for Facsimile Letters 836