Index:Essay on the First Principles of Government 2nd Ed.djvu

Essay on the First Principles of Government 2nd Ed.djvu



SECTION I.—Of the first principles of government, and the different kinds of liberty, — — — — p. 1

II. Of political liberty, — — 11

III. Of civil liberty, — — 48

IV. In what manner an authoritative code of education would affect political and civil liberty, — — — 76

V. Of religious liberty and toleration in general, — — — — 110

VI. Some distinctions that have been made on the subject of religious liberty and toleration considered, — — 137

VII. Farther observations concerning the extent of ecclesiastical authority, and the power of civil governors in matters of religion,152

VIII. Of the necessity or utility of ecclesiastical establishments, — — — 181

IX. A review of some particular positions of Dr. Balguy's, on the subject of church authority, — — 208

X. Of the progress of civil societies, to a state of greater perfection, shewing that it is retarded by encroachments on civil and religious liberty, — — 249